CYCE Bayburt Yatırımı

CYCE Bayburt Yatırımı


Waste-free Silent Carbon Negative and Strong Next-generation fast charging station...

A sustainable future in the world depends on the use of renewable energy power plants. It is planned to build new charging stations all around the cities with an innovative design, including biomass, wind and solar power plants.  Moreover, carbon negative energy will be generated in these facilities. A fueling-station-sized power plant, small, but runs on the most compact operating system with 2,5 MW capacity.
You will be able to charge your vehicle in 25 minutes. While your vehicle is charged in the stations spread all around the city, you can drink your coffee in the cafeteria, shop and enjoy yourselves.


In order for us to solve the global climate crisis, all humanity must act together.
CYCE is about to carry another new work into effect to resolve this crisis.
CYCE NFT, the NFT of our project, aiming to increase the use of renewable energy power plants instead of fuel-fired ones -the main source of greenhouse effect, hence, of global warming- will very soon be announced. CYCE NFT will be created by Crypto Carbon Energy on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) network and it will be a collection of separate NFTs with different features. People who own one of these NFTs will acquire the right for illimitably recharging their vehicles for life in designated time intervals at charging stations.

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We take all necessary measures for you and the project to progress in a long-term and healthy way.

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The token crypto asset we planned under the name CYCE , CRYPTO CARBON ENERJİ A.Ş. is a joint stock company registered in Turkey. It is the owner of the largest social responsibility project worldwide , published on , aiming to add value to its energy communities on the website .

CYCE by Ethereum blockchain to depend on prepared ERC20 standard protocols with smart contract arranged a token Download .

For the rapid start of CYCE projects , the developer team continues to work for its own blockchain network while it continues to exist as a token in the Ethereum blockchain . Once completed, the transaction tracking will continue through its own block chain.

Although CYCE came out with blockchain technology, it is different from the projects of this scope. The main point of departure is to gradually award 80% of CYCE crypto units produced to these power plants as a reward and free of charge in about 30 years, making these facilities value-added against fossil fuels and energy generating facilities, and speeding up the direction of future investments to this side. it will ensure the installation and operation of these facilities with the 20% part allocated for the organization.

Token Economy




  Award for Renewable Energy Resources %80: 8,000,000,000 CYCE

     As CYCE, we are planning to give %80 of the tokens we created as a reward to the facilities that produce energy from existing renewable resources and also to the facilities which are expected to be formed in the next 30 years, and make them more valuable. Thus, we aim for energy investments to rapidly flow in this direction.

  Organization and Investments 20%: 2,000,000,000 CYCE

     The remaining 20% will definitely not be used in our own company. We plan to contribute to the acceleration of the process by establishing BIOMASS ENERGY PLANTS, which are carbon neutral and fall under the scope of renewable energy, from the revenues of the remaining 20% token sale.

Symbol: CYCE

Total Supply: 21.000.000 CYCE

Token Standard: ERC20

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Developer Team

Hasan Karaozan
Hasan Karaozan
Ferhat Borak
Ferhat Borak
Erdal Cida
Erdal Cida
Münir Ergen
Münir Ergen
Software Developer
Uğur Aksoy
Uğur Aksoy
Frontend Web Developer
Fırat Arslan
Fırat Arslan
Energy Specialist


Global warming is caused by the increase in heat-holding gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and is thought to be caused by greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, resulting in an increase in average temperatures measured in land, sea, and air throughout the year on earth.

These climatic changes show themselves through increases in meteorological events, such as drought, desertification, instability, and deviations in precipitation, floods, typhoon, storm, tornados, etc 

In 2015, under the Paris agreement made by the countries (for details of the agreement, to which Turkey is a signatory, please see: The process of transition to clean energy, which is targeted by 2030, is not yet sufficient.

As CYCE, we have been working hard for a long time to accelerate the transition to clean energy around the world, reduce fossil fuel use and make renewable energy sources more valuable. The modern world has entered into a new system of agreement and reconciliation, with blockchain technology, which is the structure of decentralization.

In this project, our goal is to ensure that all humanity can be included in this support mechanism to reduce and completely reset global warming and carbon emissions, which are the biggest problems of our world, by using blockchain technology.


Prıvate Sale was conducted between May 28 and June 28.


Symbol: CYCE

Total Supply: CYCE

Token Standard: ERC20


CYCE LISTED IN CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

CYCE COIN offering a solution for global warming problem by means of blockchain technology is now listing on WhiteBIT Exchange based in Europe. WhiteBIT, working with more than 150 parities, is one of the most prominent exchanges in the world with its 300,000+ users in 190 countries. Providing its own mobile app, WhiteBIT Exchange has also a very up-to-date and reliable software. We are waiting investors from Turkey and Europe to meet CYCE in WhiteBIT Exchange.

Power plants can register to the system either by telephone, via our website, by e-mail or by direct contact method. In addition, Renewable Energy Power Plants can register from the "Sign Up" button located above.

   The Cyce system, with the aid of blockchain technology aims to ensure that the transition to power plants that produce energy with renewable energy sources are value-added and preferred. For this reason, if you are a company that produces energy with renewable energy sources, without any charge CYCE will reward you for the energy production of this facility. You will be rewarded with many different benefits in the coming periods, both free of charge and being valued in the future.

   The mere existence of the power plants in the system will be profitable; Since the initial CYCE sales which will start with 1 dollar in the public offering, will have a dynamic valuation continuously due to the general structure of the project, it is sufficient for your plant to exist, operate and produce energy.

The amount of CYCE coins to be loaded into your account is calculated with your current installed power. The CYCE system has a progressive appraisal mathematics. The factor affecting this valuation is which of the renewable energy sources you have and the capacity of your installed power. In the simplest terms; for each 1 KW of installed power for the Hydroelectric Power Plant, 1 CYCE asset is added to your account

Register your Plant by clicking the "Register" button.

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