Global Warming and CO2

Global Warming and CO2

Global Warming and CO2


Global Warming

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature throughout the year, which has existed in the world balance for centuries, as a result of the increase in industry, technological developments, population, and consequently the increase in energy production with fossil fuels. Global Climate Change is the climate changes caused by global warming caused by greenhouse gases whose amount and intensity increase in the atmosphere as a result of activities such as consumption of fossil fuels, industrial and agricultural activities. These climatic changes show themselves through increases in meteorological events, such as drought, desertification, instability, and deviations in precipitation, floods, typhoon, storm, tornados, etc

What is CO2 Emission?

CO2 Emission, also known as carbon emission, refers to the release of carbon formed in nature to the atmosphere. Carbon emissions can occur naturally and in ways caused by human hands. Animals, humans, and plants emitting carbon dioxide while breathing and this can be given as an example of naturally occurring carbon. Through the biodegradation process of animals and plants that die in nature, carbon is released into the atmosphere again. These are one of the ways nature maintains its own carbon emission balance. And these are not harmful to our nature. The harmful part is the part that is "caused by the human hand". Unwanted carbon and other greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere in cases such as the use and refining of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil.

Unconscious fossil fuel use causes an irreversible carbon emission. One of the most important causes of climate change is "carbon emission".

Despite the high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, this never harms the human body or any other living organism.
Then why is CO2 bad for us?

Like other greenhouse gases, CO2 absorbs radiation and prevents heat from escaping from our atmosphere. While the natural amount of CO2 also plays an important role in protecting our ecosystem, large amounts of CO2 have a greenhouse gas effect in the atmosphere, collecting and storing heat and thus disrupting weather patterns, causing global temperatures and other anthropogenic climate changes.

In other words, CO2 is a greenhouse gas that absorbs radiation and does not allow heat to go out of our atmosphere.

Let's take a look at what are the causes of carbon emissions.

• Density developing due to uncontrolled population growth
• Rapid progress of industrialization
• Increasing demand for global energy day by day
• Uncontrolled and unconscious release of greenhouse gases to nature

 Decreased sensitivity to nature One of the most important things to do to reduce carbon emissions is to reduce the use of "fossil fuels".

Why Are CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Important?

CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans are some of the main causes of climate change. And that's why it's important. Greenhouse gas emissions arising from human activities are the main factor of this warming. How much of the warming since 1850 can be attributed to human activities? Almost all. IPCC[1] In the last evaluation report it published;

“Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have increased since the pre-industrial era, resulting from economic and population growth, and are now higher than ever. This has led to unprecedented atmospheric consequences for at least the past 800,000 years. Its effects, along with those of other anthropogenic drivers, have been detected throughout the climate system and are likely to be the dominant cause of the warming observed since the mid-20th century.

You can examine the average temperature anomaly in the interactive graph below.


[1] Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Token Economy

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  Award for Renewable Energy Resources %80: 8,000,000,000 CYCE

     As CYCE, we are planning to give %80 of the tokens we created as a reward to the facilities that produce energy from existing renewable resources and also to the facilities which are expected to be formed in the next 30 years, and make them more valuable. Thus, we aim for energy investments to rapidly flow in this direction.

  Organization and Investments 20%: 2,000,000,000 CYCE

     The remaining 20% will definitely not be used in our own company. We plan to contribute to the acceleration of the process by establishing BIOMASS ENERGY PLANTS, which are carbon neutral and fall under the scope of renewable energy, from the revenues of the remaining 20% token sale.

Symbol: CYCE

Total Supply: CYCE

Token Standard: ERC20

Special for Power Plants

Power plants can register to the system either by telephone, via our website, by e-mail or by direct contact method. In addition, Renewable Energy Power Plants can register from the "Sign Up" button located above.

   The Cyce system, with the aid of blockchain technology aims to ensure that the transition to power plants that produce energy with renewable energy sources are value-added and preferred. For this reason, if you are a company that produces energy with renewable energy sources, without any charge CYCE will reward you for the energy production of this facility. You will be rewarded with many different benefits in the coming periods, both free of charge and being valued in the future.

   The mere existence of the power plants in the system will be profitable; Since the initial CYCE sales which will start with 1 dollar in the public offering, will have a dynamic valuation continuously due to the general structure of the project, it is sufficient for your plant to exist, operate and produce energy.

The amount of CYCE coins to be loaded into your account is calculated with your current installed power. The CYCE system has a progressive appraisal mathematics. The factor affecting this valuation is which of the renewable energy sources you have and the capacity of your installed power. In the simplest terms; for each 1 KW of installed power for the Hydroelectric Power Plant, 1 CYCE asset is added to your account

RES means "Renewable Energy Sources".

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