The Factor of Energy in Global Warming

The Factor of Energy in Global Warming

The Factor of Energy in Global Warming

Figure A.1.

Our Energy in 2019

About three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels for energy. To reduce global carbon emissions, we need to shift our energy systems from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy sources. You can check the primary global energy consumption in 2019 in Figure A.1.

In 2019, we see that almost 16% (15.7% to be precise) of global energy consumption came from low-carbon sources. Low carbon sources; hydroelectricity, wind, solar, bioenergy (biomass), geothermal, wave, and tidal energy.

11.4% of the energy was obtained from renewable energy sources and 4.3% from nuclear energy. Hydroelectric and nuclear made up most of our low-carbon energy which is 10.7% in total. Wind energy has a ratio of 2.2% and solar energy 1.1%. And these energy resources are growing rapidly day by day.

Although more energy is generated from renewable energy sources each year, coal, oil, and natural gas still dominate the global energy mix. 84% of our energy comes from fossil fuels and continues to increase every year. Total production increased from 116,214 to 136,761 TWh in the last 10 years.

Change Between 1965-2019

Fossil fuels are the sum of coal, oil, and natural gas. Combined, they are the largest source of CO2 emissions globally. Therefore, we want to shift energy resources from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy sources. In the interactive graph below, you can examine the change in the share of fossil fuels in energy worldwide over the years.


Token Economy




  Award for Renewable Energy Resources %80: 8,000,000,000 CYCE

     As CYCE, we are planning to give %80 of the tokens we created as a reward to the facilities that produce energy from existing renewable resources and also to the facilities which are expected to be formed in the next 30 years, and make them more valuable. Thus, we aim for energy investments to rapidly flow in this direction.

  Organization and Investments 20%: 2,000,000,000 CYCE

     The remaining 20% will definitely not be used in our own company. We plan to contribute to the acceleration of the process by establishing BIOMASS ENERGY PLANTS, which are carbon neutral and fall under the scope of renewable energy, from the revenues of the remaining 20% token sale.

Symbol: CYCE

Total Supply: 21.000.000 CYCE

Token Standard: ERC20