ICO is the abbreviation of the English term "Initial Coin Offering" and means cryptocurrency supply. It is the first purchase of the cryptocurrency produced. You can create a wallet and purchase CYCE Coin to support our project. You can convert the CYCE cryptocurrency you have bought into other cryptocurrencies on exchange exchanges or you can buy CYCE with other cryptocurrencies. Below are ICO Information and Tier Amounts.

ICO Start Date 28.06.2021
ICO End Date 10.08.2021
ICO Duration 42 Days
Soft Cap 1.500.000
Hard Cap 39.000.000
Piece of Phase 7
Phase 1 Price 1 USDT


Phase Information

During the ICO process, a 7-stage period was planned for the market price acceptance balance based on gradual increase. Quantities and prices to be offered for the stages are below.

Number of Phase Amount Price
Phase 1  500.000 1.00 USDT
Phase 2  1.000.000 1.10 USDT
Phase 3  1.500.000 1.20 USDT
Phase 4  2.000.000 1.30 USDT
Phase 5  3.000.000 1.50 USDT
Phase 6  5.000.000 1.70 USDT
Phase 7  10.000.000 2.00 USDT


The ICO will be held through the Goldexco.in exchange. To purchase on the Goldexco.in exchange, you can access the relevant address from the button below.

Token Economy



As CYCE, we plan to evaluate the tokens we have created in line with the installation and operation costs of the self-energy producing charging stations that we plan to establish in the next 30 years, and then aim to make them more valuable. In this way, we aim to direct energy investments in this direction and accelerate their flow.

Symbol: CYCE

Total Supply: 42.000.000 CYCE

Token Standard: ERC20