Rotary Drying Oven

Rotary Drying Oven

Unlike other drying tunnels, our model stands out with its ability to dry materials at low temperatures. The agitator blade structure inside the drum is designed to maximize the surface area. This accelerates the drying process by increasing the contact between the material and the heat transfer surface. At the same time, unlike other tunnels, the 3-stage drum ensures homogeneous drying of the material. The heat pump technology used in the system also increases energy efficiency by 4-5 times. low temperature drying contributes to reduced energy consumption, thus offering the potential to reduce costs.

Token Economy



As CYCE, we plan to evaluate the tokens we have created in line with the installation and operation costs of the self-energy producing charging stations that we plan to establish in the next 30 years, and then aim to make them more valuable. In this way, we aim to direct energy investments in this direction and accelerate their flow.

Symbol: CYCE

Total Supply: 42.000.000 CYCE

Token Standard: ERC20